Shaft Laborer / Driller

Western WV
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Job Description

R.G. Johnson Company is looking for motivated and driven individuals to join our Shaft Crews at the Shaft Laborer (Driller) position. Drillers are a critical element in all phases of shaft development and provide the work necessary to support the Shaft Superintendent and other crew members in the completion of the shaft project.

Duties and responsibilities

A Driller's primary responsibilities and work phases include:

  • Job setup
    • Construction of outbuildings, preparation of equipment and materials
  • Drilling
    • Using pneumatic drill rig to drill holes in shaft bottoms for blasting rock
  • Explosives Loading
    • Preparing blasts by loading explosive materials into drill holes
  • Mucking
    • Removing fragmented rock from shaft bottoms using backhoes and buckets
  • Pre-Concrete Shaft Lining
    • Supporting newly excavated shaft rib with shotcrete application
    • Lining shaft rib with a corrugated metal sheeting water course
    • Tying and placing rebar in preparation for concrete pour
  • Concrete Pouring
    • Setting circular forms and work decks
    • Placing bucketed concrete
  • Bottom Station Development
    • Customized excavation, concrete and ventilation work

Job Requirements

  • Standard Requirements for Driller Position
    • Ability to perform required physical labor
    • High School Diploma or GED
    • Passing Criminal Background Check (for ATF clearance related to blasting)
    • Passing Drug Test
    • 32 or 40 hour MSHA New Miner Training completion
  • Preferred Requirements for Driller Position
    • Experience working on a crew/team in the coal industry
    • Experience working on a crew/team in construction industry

Why Join R.G. Johnson?

  • Low attrition rate, high employee satisfaction
  • Smaller, family-oriented business
  • First-rate Retirement Plan with opportunity for up to 9% company match
  • Predictable work schedule
  • Potential for additional end-of-year profit sharing plan
  • Full, employee-friendly health & medical benefits
  • Wage rates competitive with mining industry
  • Opportunity for advancement for top performers
  • Paid vacation days with additional company holidays
  • Full on-the-job training for new employees