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Wow, if you didn’t come to the Annual RG Johnson Golf Outing, you missed a great time!  It was held at Chippewa Golf Course in Bentleyville on August 24.  The course was beautiful, the service was great, and the weather was perfect.   A fun round of golf was followed by a delicious lunch catered by Hog Father’s BBQ and an abundance of prizes were awarded.  Four teams tied for first place at four under.  The best hole handicap method was used to determine the first place winners.

The big winners this year were as follows:   Winning Team-Murray Johnson, Joe Sbaffoni, Dan Shaneyfelt, and Jeff Synder.  Skill prizes went to Marc Pugliese for Longest Putt, John Fowler for Longest Drive and Jeff Snyder for Closest to the Pin.  We had a surprise for one lucky winner – four tickets to the STEELERS V. RAVENS game.  The lucky winner was Steve Shawley!  The big money was split between Jamie Cook, Steve Breese, and Hercy Willis.  Congratulations to all the winners. 


Bob, Vinnie, Sr and Billie
Bob, Vinnie, Sr and Billie


We had a very nice surprise recently at the office, when  Vinnie, Sr and his wife stopped in to say hello.  As we talked, they told us that is has been a long, tough road but things are getting better.  They both still have a few surgeries ahead of them but they are taking it one day at a time.  Vinnie is very eager to get back to work with all of his friends.  Billie wanted everyone to know that your generous donation was VERY needed and VERY  appreciated.  She could not put into words her deep-felt thanks for your caring, support and generosity.  We all wish them both the best in the coming years! 




We are happy to welcome Justin Leckie as the newest member of our office family.  He joins us as an Assistant Project Manager.   Justin grew up right here in Washington, having gone to Trinity High School.  After high school, Justin attended Dennison University and then attended Case Western Reserve for post graduate school, receiving his MBA.  He and his wife, Gina, now live in Upper St. Clair. Justin came to us after five years with PNC, where he helped manage the development and launch of Administrative Advantage, an online payment solution, now included in the PNC Product Suite.

Justin hopes to bring a new, fresh perspective to the Company with which he can contribute some innovative ideas to carry our success into the future.   In his free time, he enjoys golfing, running, playing his guitar, gymming, tanning and laundrying.


Arches Under Construction at
Arches Under Construction at


Our In-Mine Services team continues to provide safe, high quality, cost effective solutions for our   customers. Recent project highlights include:

lCompletion of concrete floors, steel arches with lagging, and backfill over the arches in the belt line at Cumberland Mine

lShotcrete application to the roof and ribs near the No. 9 Portal at Cumberland

lConstruction of a steel structure at Cumberland mine that allowed for a new area of the mine to be developed. The equipment bridge we installed was used by heavy equipment to travel over the main line track without interruption to mine activities.

lCompletion of concrete floors in two belt drive/transfers near Bailey Mine’s Dry Ridge Portal

lContinued application of hundreds of cubic yards of shotcrete to the roof and ribs near Bailey’s Dry Ridge Portal

lPumping of grout to make a pre-placed aggregate concrete floor at Bailey

lThe completion of shotcrete application to the roof and ribs of a huge water collection area underground at Emerald Mine.  This project was highlighted by the pumping of nearly 1,000 bulk bags of shotcrete.

lBackfill of the Cumberland #7 Bleeder Shaft bottom that will be excavated this year by our shaft team


Thanks to all of you that have helped make these projects successful.



Please be reminded, as of May 1, that there were changes to  the way we handle the  Health Insurance bills.  When your receive your EXPLAINATION OF BENEFITS in the mail,  please DO NOT  mail them to Amy.  That information is only for your benefit.  Everything  is now handled outside of the office.  You will also receive and EXPLANATION OF PAYMENT for the same service which will indicate the amount of your portion (10%) still owed.  If you have any questions about this, please call Amy at the office at 724-222-6810 X23.



It is preached to each and every one of us.  It is the only acceptable outcome.  I’m referring to zero accidents.  I often ask myself, “What does it take to get there?”  The answer  that I consistently respond with  is, “everyone.”  None of us can do it alone.  Reaching zero accidents is a team effort that requires everybody’s commitment to working safely, eliminating hazards from the workplace and correcting unsafe work habits.  Here are some tips to attaining this goal. . .

lSet a good example - ensure you’re committed to the cause.

lGet involved - step in to correct unsafe work conditions/habits and promote understanding of “why” the behavior or condition needs to be corrected.

lNever let a training opportunity pass - pass along your safety knowledge.

lAct promptly - when a safety hazard is identified take immediate action to correct it.

lNever let your guard down - accident prevention is and will always be ongoing.

lDon’t take risks - no job is important enough to put your health and safety in jeopardy.


As always . . .


                                       Rob G.




Recently, the guys at Enlow shaft have been working on a muffler for the backhoe.  While simple in its construction, it has proven to be quite effective.   A section of 18” ventilation tubing was used as an expansion chamber and lined with 1” foam.  The exhaust is directed straight up to reduce the reverberation off the rib.  The bottom of the canister is equipped with a drain valve.  Sound measurements showed prior to the muffler upgrade, the backhoe operator was experiencing a peak sound level of 114 dB.  This reduced to a peak of 102 dB after the muffler upgrade.  The sound generated from the backhoe has always been an area of concern in regard to noise.  Even with the use of hearing protection we are at the limits of what is allowed by federal law in regard to noise exposure.  While a decrease of 12 dB may not seem like a huge change, sound levels measured in dB are measured on a logarithmic scale, meaning that a reduction of 3 dB decreases the sound energy by half.  A reduction of 12 dB is a reduction in sound energy by a factor of over 10, meaning that the backhoe prior to the muffler change was 10 times louder in terms of energy output.

We would like to see all of our backhoes equipped with similar noise reduction.  If you have any question on how this was built, please contact Brian at Enlow.  A big thumbs up goes out to these guys for coming up with the idea and making this happen.




R G Johnson and its employees are members of the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance. This coal industry advocacy group was created this summer by a merger of the Pennsylvania Coal Association and FORCE-Families Organized to Represent the Coal Economy. R G Johnson was a founding member and part of the leadership in FORCE. We continue to be involved in the leadership of the new PA Coal Alliance.

The goal of the PA Coal Alliance is to educate the public and policy makers about the positive impacts of the coal industry in Pennsylvania. Our industry has a positive story to tell and communicating that story is important to the future of our industry and to each of us.


Communication by a unified and positive coal voice will ultimately impact policy makers at the state and national level. The result will be more balanced policies that encourage growth of the coal industry and a growing coal industry is good for all of us!

Learn more at




The historic City of Cameron Pool and the Cameron American Legion Post #18 are very thankful to RG Johnson for assistance with their pool restoration.  Our employees volunteered their time to lay the cement pad under their new picnic pavilion this Summer. Keep up the good work, guys, and please let us know if you see a need in the community.




Welcome . . .

        Easton Finch

        Lily Kozlowski

        Erra Wolfe

        Carson Yokum



Healthier Cheese Sticks
Healthier Cheese Sticks



4 Light String Cheese Sticks

1 T Flour

1 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs

1/2 Cup Egg Substitute (or 2 egg whites)

1 1/2 T Italian Herb Seasoning (or your choice)

Preheat the oven to 375 Degrees.  Spray a baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray.  Pour the flour on a small plate. Cut the cheese sticks in half.   Roll each one in flour.  Place the breadcrumbs and seasoning in a small container with a lid or a zip-top bag; set aside.  Pour egg substitute into a shallow dish.  Using one hand, roll the floured cheese sticks in the egg mixture.  One at a time, using your other (dry) hand, transfer the cheese sticks to the bread crumb mixture and shake to coat.  Using the dry hand, remove the from the crumb mixture and place on the baking sheet.  Continue until all cheese sticks are breaded.  Spritz each cheese stick with cooking spary.  Bake for 10 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and melted.  If desired, dunk in low-sodium  tomato sauce.  Makes 4 two-stick servings.                         From:

Nutrition Info

Calories:  151.8

Fat:  2.8g

Carbs:  13.8g

Protein:  15.7g

Sauce not included in calorie count


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