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Health Insurance Update for 2012

I am sure that many of you will be happy to hear that you no longer have to mail your Explanation of Benefits into the office for RG Johnson to pay 90% of your deductible!  That is now all going to happen behind the scenes. Instead of just getting an Explanation of Benefits, you will also be receiving an Explanation of Payment that will show the 90% of the deductible paid and the 10% that you should owe to your provider.  Please watch these closely as you do not want to pay more than your share and then have to try to get reimbursed from your doctor.

All other aspects will remain the same.  Your deductible for an individual will be $5000 and for a family $10,000.  That means that if and only if you would max out your deductible, you will only pay out of pocket $500 for an individual and $1000 per family.

If you have questions or need to know if a claim was paid, I can still help you with that.  Just give me a call at 724-222-6810 ext. 23.  -Amy


New Hoists

We are very excited about the acquisition of the new MCH 210 hoists.  The hoists have been redesigned specifically to accommodate our unique requirements.  With this new generation hoist we will benefit from several added features and capabilities, thus increasing our commitment to deliver high quality, reliable, and innovative products/services to the underground coal industry in a safe environment. 

Greater operator control, comfort, and efficiency will be obtained by including specific modes of operations, added safety logic, and increased performance capabilities. These improvements will be accomplished through a much more sophisticated PLC operating platform, a completely redesigned hoist structure and drive system, and many other key design improvements.

We are very pleased with the product Timberland has committed to providing us.  It has been a pleasure working with them during the design, specification, and build process.   We are looking forward to several changes in their design that have addressed our requests and input throughout this project.



Self-Contained Self-Rescuers

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has conducted an evaluation of the CSE SR-100 self-contained self-rescuers and found there were five units among the 500 tested which had starter oxygen failures.  This has prompted the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to issue a Program Information Bulletin and call for the phase out of all SR-100 units.  The PIB, dated April 26, 2012, calls for the removal from service all SR-100 units, beginning with those worn by miners who do not have a fixed work location.  This should be completed within 30 days of the issuance of the PIB.  All units shall be replaced with an approved 1 hour unit, or an additional SR-100 may be provided so that these miners wear or carry a total of two units.  No CSE SR-100 units should remain in any mine after December 31, 2013.  Please visit for more details.  Our inventory has been collected, however, should there be any units not removed from service, please contact me as soon as possible.

CSE has developed and begun shipping replacement units known as the CSE SRLD (Self-Rescuer Long Duration).  The unit, while being very similar to the SR-100, offers advantages over its predecessor.  QuickStart Technology provides up to 40% faster oxygen generation, as well as a 10% overall oxygen production increase.  For more information on the CSE SRLD, please visit


Retirement Benefits News

Whether you have been in our R G Johnson Retirement plan for a long period or are new to it, here is some information that you should definitely being reading. You can do most of your retirement planning right online with our plan administrator at

First, if you are new to the plan, you can go to RGJohnsonRetirementPlanE-kit where it will take you through the enrollment process.  The initial user ID will be your Social Security number.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions for enrolling in the plan.

Once you are up and running, log into , then go to the My Forecast tab, which shows you a picture of where you are on the path to your desired retirement destination.  It will also identify specific steps you can take if you are not as far along the path as you would like.  With one click, you can launch the interactive My Forecast analysis tool, which allows you to adjust your contributions.

The website also provides you the ability to update your retirement plan beneficiaries online.  It is extremely important to keep up to date, with any changes in your life such marriage, divorce, or death.

If you have any questions, you can either call directly to The Newport Group client service center at 888-401-5488 or you can call Jamie at 724-222-6810 extension 10.



RG Johnson Honored

On May 17, RG Johnson was recognized by the United Way with the Alvin C. Janovich Community Leadership Award.  This award is given to local businesses/people for their support of local nonprofit agencies and community causes.  Alvin C. Janovich was a co-founder of Accu Trex  and a former United Way Board Chairman who died in a plane crash in 1998.  Jim Leckie graciously accepted this honor at a luncheon held at Bella Sera.



Golf Etiquette

The weather is warming up and the greens are calling!  Here are some reminders for all those duffers out there.

Warm Up: Arrive early enough to warm up.  Begin with the short irons, then mid and long irons finishing with woods.  Hit a few soft wedge shot before heading to the practice green.

First Tee:  Check scorecard for local rules. Make an identifying mark on your ball and inform others of type and number ball you are playing.

Avoid Slow Play:   Walk at a reasonable speed.  From the time you select your club until you hit your shot should be no more that 30 to 45 seconds.  If you aren’t ready when its your turn, encourage your fellow players to play.

Maintain the Course:  Replace your divots.  In the case of exploding turf; Kick the turf around the edges of the divot or if your cart contains a soil/seed mixture, fill the divot with this. Bring the rake into the bunker and remember to enter the bunker from the low side at the point nearest the ball.   After hitting your shot, rake the area you played from, as well as all footprints.  Rakes should be left either in or nearby the bunker.  Using a tee, knife or repair tool to repair any pitch marks by working the edges toward the center, without lifting the center.  Finish by smoothing with your club or foot.  Remember that you are allowed to repair pitch marks on your putting line, you cannot repair spike marks on your putting line until AFTER you have putted.

On the Green: Don’t step on your fellow players putting lines. If your ball is on the player’s line, volunteer to mark your ball.  Don’t stand where you might distract a fellow player and don’t move.  Don’t make noise when players are preparing to putt.  If you hold the flagstick, make sure your aren’t standing on anyone’s line.  Make sure your shadow doesn’t fall across the hole or line.  Remove the flagstick right after the player has hit the ball.  Generally, player closest to the hole will tend the flagstick.  After everyone has putted out, immediately walk to the next tee.

Miscellaneous: If you hit a tee shot into the woods and it is either lost or out-of-bounds, you are allowed to play a second or provisional ball.  You then have five minutes to find the ball.  If it is not found within that time, you must declare it lost and play your provisional ball with a one stroke penalty.  If you play the provisional ball and subsequently find your original ball in-bounds, you must pick up your provisional and continue to play the original ball, in bounds.  Out of bounds balls are assessed the penalty of “stroke and distance”.  Never hit when there’s a chance you might reach the group ahead of you.    If you think there is a chance of hitting someone, yell “fore” immediately and apologize to anyone your ball lands near.  Yelling, screaming, throwing clubs and  otherwise making a fool of yourself are unacceptable and can be dangerous.  Offer to pay for refreshments at the turn or the end of the round.  Finally, at the end of the round, shake hands with fellow players, congratulate the winner, console the losers and thank them for their company.  The greatest pleasure of the game is time spent with your friends, old or new.   For all Rules of Golf, visit:  (



Summer Safety Tips

According to the CDC, more people in the United States succumb to extreme heat than from lightening, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes combined.  Here are a few safety tips to prevent being overcome by heat:

1.  Hydrate.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Avoid liquids with alcohol or sugar.

2.  When possible, limit your outdoor activity to morning and evening hours.

3.  Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing.

4.  Monitor those that may be more sensitive to heat exhaustion-children and elderly people.

5.  Identify signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke: hot, dry skin, strong rapid pulse,

     headache, dizziness and nausea.  Notify EMS immediately if you identify these symptoms.

6.  Wear sunscreen when exposed to the sun to prevent sun burns.

7.  Did I mention hydrate?

As always . . .    THINK SAFE, BE SAFE, LIVE SAFE.



Save the Date

August 24, 2012 - Write that date on your calendars!  That is the date for our Annual RG Johnson Golf Outing.  We have made a few small changes this year.  One - a little earlier in the year.  Maybe it won’t rain?  And two- we have changed the venue.  The outing will be held at The Chippewa Golf Club in Bentlyville.  Look for more information coming your way later this Summer. 



RGJ Health Corner


Most men fasten their belts below their waist.  It’s just another way of avoiding the truth about that gut.  Grab a tape measure and put it around your body at the level of your belly button.  That number should be less than half your height.  So for a 6’1” frame, you need to keep your waist under 36.5”.  If avoiding heart attacks and diabetes isn’t enough motivation to eliminate that gut, consider this:  For every point your body mass index is over 25, your testosterone drops 3 percent,  which isn’t very manly.


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