The 2011 Annual RG Johnson Golf Outing is now just a pleasant memory.  It was a chilly, damp morning but that did not stop our hearty duffers.  Everyone golfed through the intermittent raindrops and  had a good time.  There were a total of 60 golfers, some good, some not-so-much.  The big winners of the day were:  Hercy Willis, Alan Yanak, Jr. and Tom Dorazio coming in First Place with a score of six under.  The Second place team was Duncan Barnhart, Bob Moore, Alan Yanak, Sr. and Steve Hanko.  They also had a score of six under.  The winning team was determined by a one hole “shoot out”.  The third place team was that of Brian Carpenter, Les Siebert, John Roach and Mike Reha .  They were tied for third place and had to win a “Putt Off”.

The luncheon was catered by Hog Father’s BBQ and the Springhouse.  Everyone agreed that the food was delicious and abundant.  After lunch and the prizes were awarded, some dedicated golfers stayed for another round.  If you didn’t join us, please consider doing so next year, it is lots of fun.



We have had some questions about how your local tax is showing up on your paycheck.  Yes, you did fill out your paper correctly, but it must look at where you work first and that is what is showing up.  If you are a PA resident, all of that money will eventually make it back to the municipality that you live in and you will file your taxes as you always have.  If you live in another state, that money will be paid to the municipality where you work.  Pennsylvania wants to make sure that even if you don’t live in PA that you pay tax to them anyway.  If you have any questions, please call Amy of Jamie at the office.


Max Vincenzo
Max Vincenzo


The newest member of our Shop Crew is Max Vincenzo. Max is stepping into the Manager of Equipment Services position.  He is originally from St. Clairsville, OH but came to us by way of Indianapolis, IN.  He attended Union Local High School and then went on to the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronatics.  He is not married but lives with his girlfriend, Sarah Beck and her two children, Easton and Halle.  His hobbies are spending time with friends and family, aviation, hunting, fishing, kayaking, motorcycles, skydiving and most outdoor adventures.  “After reuniting with my long time high school sweetheart, Sarah, I began looking for career opportunities that would allow me to relocate back to the Ohio Valley.  I wanted to be sure that I found a career path that would not only accommodate my desire to relocate, but also allow me to become an integral part of a dynamic organization.  I feel that I have found that with RG Johnson and look forward to the future.”


Marc Pugliese
Marc Pugliese


The newest member of our Office Staff is Marc Pugliese.  Marc grew up in Blawnox, PA where he attended Fox Chapel High School.  He graduated from Penn State University with an Industrial Engineering degree and also has his Masters in Business Administration.  Marc’s position with RG is that of Assistant Project Engineer.  Marc is not married but lives with his girlfriend, Erica, whom he met through mutual acquaintances.  Marc in happy to be back in Southwestern PA having grown up in the area but moved away for school and work reasons.  Prior to working for RG Johnson, Marc’s career highlight was helping to build the Federal Courthouse in Miami, FL.  In his spare time, he enjoys being active and being outside especially during the fall.  Marc also enjoys all forms of music and wouldn’t mind recording an album if he could find the time.


Art spraying shotcrete
Art spraying shotcrete


Art Helmick joined R G Johnson in the Spring of 1996 when his buddy Bruce Bennett convinced him to return to the coal industry. Art took over 7 years off from mining to pursue other interests before coming to our team. Art decided to take a final break from the coal industry when he retired in 2011.

Art came to us with experience at every level of coal mining including working in leadership positions. His experience and understanding of the challenges faced in coal mining helped R G Johnson build our underground services portfolio to what it is today.

Art’s work ethic, can-do-attitude, and attention to detail were model traits for all of us to follow. He was always ready and willing to handle all of the unique jobs we do (see pictures).

Art enjoys participating in Civil War Reenactment events in Gettysburg and elsewhere. Art is also an Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator. Retirement will  allow Art to spend more time with his wife Carolyn.

We wish Art well in his retirement years. Thank you for your service and friendship over the years here at R G Johnson. 



Please join us in congratulating the following  valued RG Johnson  employees who have recently or  will soon be  celebrating anniversaries.

◊  Ed Fordyce  -  35 Years                        ◊  Murray Johnson - 30 Years       

◊  Tom Crooks  -  25 Years                       ◊  Amy Carter  -  10 Years

◊  Jeremy Holoka  -  10 Years                  ◊  Jeff Stire  -  10 Years

◊  Rob Golden  -  5 Years                         ◊  Kenny Hughes  -  5 Years

◊  Dan Mankey  - 5 Years 



Since accidents are a very costly expense to a company, we would like to recognize those employees who worked the entire year of 2011 without any lost time accidents.  The following is a list of those individuals who worked at least 1400 hours in 2011 with no lost time accidents.  We would like to thank everyone for working safely.  All of these employees will get an additional $75 and were placed in a drawing for $1000.00.  The winner of this drawing was:  Darrell Grant.  We will be continuing our monthly safety incentives for 2012.  It can be expected around the 15th of each month.  You must have worked at least 110 hours per month to qualify.

Floyd Ankrom, Alva Ashley, David Babyak, Troy Barnhart, Levi Beatty, Ray Beckett, Robert Bell, Lou Beringo, Robert Black, Fran Bobcheck, Stephen Breese, Shawn Buckels, John Burns, Dan Carpenter, Elliott Clark, Ronald Cumberledge, Cody Cupp, Sam Delaney, Justin Donkers, Carl Dorsey, Lloyd Duvall, David Evans, Neal Fankhauser, Aaron Finch, Scott Finch, James Foley, Dee Frazee, Darrell Grant, John Gump, Stephen Hanko, Michael Hathaway, Brian Haught, Timothy Hinerman, Jeremy Holoka, Kenny Hughes, Don Jacobs, Steve Jobes, Dave Jones, Bill Kasovich, Gary King, Vince Kozlowski, Sr, Vince Kozlowski, Jr, Rich Lapping, Chuck Lawson, Richard Lemaster, Jim Lewis, Justin Lindsay, Dan Mankey, David Manning, Ian Marsteller, Jordan Marsteller, Ian Martin, John Maskil, Luke Mason, Zachary Mcdonald, Carl Meeks, Rodney Minnix, Dru Rabe, Mike Reha, Robert Rhodes, Eric Riley, Chris Ringelstein, John Roach, Dan Shaneyfelt, Ricky Shaw, Steve Shawley, Keith Shumaker, Adam Sibert, Les Siebert, Shane Snodgrass, Jerry Stire, Kenny Stire, Michael Stire, Jeff Stire, Kevin Studt, Eric Taylor, Jesse Tetrick, Ralph Thomas, Travis Vliet, Aaron Walters, Bill White, Judd Wolfe, Paul Wolfe, Kory Yocum, Garrett Young



Congratulations to the following people who have achieved perfect attendance during 2011!  We actually went down in the numbers this year so that is definitely something to try to bring back for 2012!  Out of approximately 120 hourly employees, there were 26 people who did not take a personal day.  To qualify, you had to have worked at least 1400 hours and must not have taken any personal or sick days during 2011.  They must be consecutive years or it is considered your first.  All individuals will be given a cash award.  For their first year, winners receive $200 and those with two or more will receive $300.  All winners were placed in a random drawing for a $1500 gift card to the store of their choice.  This year’s winner was:  Neal Fankhauser.

Seven Years:           Neal Fankhauser

Six Years:                Dru Rabe

Five Years:              Rich Lemasters, Dan Mankey

Four Years:             Jeremy Holoka

Three Years:           Floyd Ankrom, Ralph Thomas, Gary King, Alva Ashley

Two Years:              Lloyd Kennedy, Garrett Young, Travis Vliet

First Year:               Keith Shumaker, Bob Moore, Jeff Stire, Steve Hanko, Les Siebert,

                                Bill White, Jerry Stire, Justin Lindsay, John Burns, Alan Yanak

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