Specialty Service Update

Our teams continue work at Cumberland Mine and the Ohio County Coal Company.  We recently completed three projects at Bailey Mine.



We have made significant progress in our goal to apply shotcrete with the wet process method.  We pumped shotcrete about 4,000 feet from the surface to cover the roof and ribs in a belt drive area.  The high quality shotcrete (test cores over 10,000 PSI) was applied at a rate which is significantly faster than that of our typical dry process method.  Sprayed material also creates very little dust which allows for mining at the adjacent face to continue while we are shooting.  And, the rebound is “negligible”.  We continue to improve each day as we work to fine tune the mix and our processes. 

The steel sets are now installed and await backfill.  The concrete floor will be next.  Work will be complete in Early September.



We continue to shotcrete the roof and ribs near 8 South #1 shaft.  We have completed the concrete floors that approach the shaft.  All shotcrete and concrete has been pumped from the surface for this project.  Work will complete in early September.


We ended a long string of projects at Bailey Mine Recently.

Work included:

l  Concrete and shotcrete at 5 South #2 Drive

l  Installing hanging walkways and spraying shotcrete in a large water  collection area near the slope bottom

l  And, roof bolting and shotcrete work around the bunker


Our crews recently celebrated one year with no lost time accidents.  Congratulations to our team on this achievement.  We continue to work together to always make working safely our highest priority.


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No Lost Time Accidents

I would like to provide recognition to the RG Johnson Specialty Services group for completing 12 months without a lost time injury, and to the staff of the Riverview Coal #1 South Portal for completion of the shaft and installation of the elevator steel without a lost time injury.  Congratulations! Your effort and commitment once again provides that zero lost time accidents is an achievable goal.  GREAT JOB!


In the Event of an Injury

As you are aware, we do all we can to ensure our workplaces are as safe as possible, and without injury.  However, in the unfortunate event you are involved in a workplace injury, it is of the utmost importance to start the appropriate ball rolling immediately.  The process can be confusing and, when not completed in a timely manner, can cause a number of troubles to the injured employee, the company, and the insurance carrier.  Below, I will attempt to summarize the process to familiarize you with it, as well as express the importance of immediate reporting.

The first step you should take is to notify your supervisor of the injury, who should then fill out an accident report.  Depending on the gravity of the injury, immediate notification could be required to the company, regulatory personnel as well as to our customer.  Once the company is notified, and a medical treatment injury exists, a workers compensation claim is initiated.  It is also the company’s responsibility to investigate the injury and take appropriate measures to eliminate the hazard to prevent further injury.

When a worker’s compensation claim is initiated, the insurance carrier will interview the injured employee, a company representative with knowledge of the incident, as well as any witnesses.  Once the appropriate documentation is completed, this information is reported to the state in which the incident occurred.  This reporting has a certain timeframe in which it must be completed.

If you have a workplace injury that requires immediate care, you may seek treatment anywhere you like.  After that, all treatment within 90 days of the initial injury is to be done within the company’s “Physician Panel”.  This is a panel of doctors specializing in all types of medical care.  Which one you would be referred to is dependent on the type of injury you have sustained, and it based on the referral from the company’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) which is The Washington Hospital Occupational Medicine Center.  Treatment outside the company’s physician panel may be subject to denial by the insurance carrier. 

If your injury required you to claim compensation benefits, the untimely reporting can delay any payments you may be eligible for.

As you can see, timely reporting of an injury can expedite the mitigation of hazards, maintain compliance with state reporting requirements, procure the appropriate medical care in a timely fashion, and ensure that eligible compensation benefits are paid in a suitable timeframe.

  As Always . . . Think Safe.  Be Safe.  Live Safe.


First Place Winning Team
First Place Winning Team

Annual Golf Outing

Wow, this year was a scorcher but a fun day for golfing!  The 60+ golfers had a sunny, hot, fun-filled day.  The day was also filled with good food and great prizes.  Make sure to join us next year.

1st Place Team: Vinnie Kozlowski, Les Siebert, Hercy Willis, Alan Yanak

2nd Place Team:  Justin Leckie, Ian Martin, Steve Shawley

3rd Place Team:  Dave Evans, Murray Johnson, Harold O’Toole, Jeff Stire

Skilled Prize Winners

Closest to the Pin: Harold O’Toole

Longest Put:  Jim Marsteller

Longest Drive:  Ian Marsteller





Grand Ice Cream Cookie Cake


1-2 pints Cherry Vanilla, Strawberry or Black Cherry ice cream.

2 cups coarsely crushed shortbread cookies, cinnamon shortbread or fudge-striped shortbread cookies

1/3 cup butter or margarine, melted and cooled slightly

1/2 cup toffee pieces, shredded coconut, miniature semisweet chocolate pieces or slivered almonds, toasted.

1 pint Pistachio, Peanut Butter Cup or French Vanilla ice cream softened*

1 pint Chocolate or Chocolate Chip ice cream, softened*

Whipped Cream

*Note: To soften ice cream: Place ice cream in a chilled bowl.  Use a wooden spoon to stir ice cream and press against sides of bowl until evenly softened and ice cream will spread easily.


¶Working quickly, scoop Cherry Vanilla ice cream into 1-1/2 to 2 in. balls.  Place balls on a chilled, parchment or waxed paper lined baking sheet; freeze.  In a medium bowl, combine crushed cookies and butter.  Stir in toffee pieces, coconut, chocolate pieces or toasted almonds.

¶Press half of the cookie mixture on the bottom of a 9-in. springform pan.  Freeze for 20 minutes or until firm.  Carefully spread softened Pistachio ice cream evenly over cookie mixture.  Freeze for 1 hour to set.  Carefully spread softened Chocolate ice cream evenly of Pistachio ice cream.

¶Place ice cream balls over ice cream layer, leaving 1/2 - 1 in. at edges.  Sprinkle with remaining cookie mixture.  Cover and freeze at least 6 hours or overnight.

¶To serve, remove the sides of the pan. Cut into wedges.  Serve immediately with whipped cream.

Makes 12 to 16 servings

Recipe published in Midwest Livin




New News

Congratulations to Kory Yocum and his new Bride, Chelsea.  They were married on August 8!

Top 5 Coal Producing States

Top 5 Coal-Producing States- (in Thousand Short Ton)

Week Ending 7/25/15   


STATE                          YTD ‘15         YTD ‘14           

Wyoming                       205,026             217,667

West Virginia                 57,943                64,816

Kentucky                       37,417                44,611

Illinois 33,644 31,697

Pennsylvania 31,698 35,2331

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