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2013 No Lost Time Awards

Accidents are a very costly expense to a company.  We would like to recognize those employees who worked the entire year of 2013 without any lost time accidents.  The following is a list of those individuals who worked at least 1400 hours in 2013 with no lost time accidents.  We would like to thank everyone for working safely.  All of these employees receive an additional $75 and are placed in a drawing for $1000.  The winner of this year's drawing is: Zachary McDonald.

Floyd Ankrom, Alva Ashley, David Babyak, Raymond Beckett, Jared Berdine, Robert Black, Francis Bobcheck, Benjamin Bowman, James Bowman, Shawn Buckels, John Burns, Daniel Carpenter, Josh Chapman, Elliott Clark, Adam Cook, Ronald Cumberledge, Seth Davis, Samuel Delaney, Justin Donkers, Carl Dorsey, Larry Drummond, Lloyd Duvall, Mark Evans, Neal Fankhauser, Joseph Farrier, Aaron Finch, J. Scott Finch, James Foley, John Fowler, Dee Frazee, Darrell Grant, John Gump, Tyler Haines, Stephen Hanko, Michael Hathaway, Brian Haught, Troy Hennige, Timothy Hinerman, Jeremy Holoka, Kenneth Hughes, Dennis Johnston, William Kasovich, Vincent Kozlowski, Jr., Richard Lapping, Charles Lawson, Richard Lemasters, James Lewis, Daniel Mankey, David Manning, Steven Marchitelli, Ian Marsteller, Jordan Marsteller, D. Ian Martin, W. John Maskil, Luke Mason, Zachary McDonald, Carl Meeks, Brian Metcalf, Michael Miller, Robert Moore, Vincent Paschke, Dru Rabe, Michael Reha, Robert Rhodes, Eric Riley, John Roach, Michael Rudash, Daniel Shaneyfelt, Steven Shawley, Adam Sibert, Les Siebert, Richard Smith, Jerry Stire, Michael Stire, Thomas Stire, Kevin Studt, Roy Tedrow, Jesse Tetrick, Sr., Cody Tharp, Ralph Thomas, Brent Vanderhoof, Travis Vliet, Aaron Walters, William Whipkey, Donald White, William White, Troy Wiltrout, Juddson Wolfe, Alan Yanak, Jr, Alan Yanak, Sr., Kory Yocum, Jeffrey Young.

2013 Perfect Attendance Award

Congratulations to the following people who have achieved perfect attendance during 2013!  Everyone did a great job this year.  Let's keep up the great work for 2014.  Out of approximately 130 hourly employees, there were 28 people who did not take a personal day.  To qualify, you had to have at least 1400 hours and must not have taken any personal or sick days during 2013.  They must be consecutive years or it is considered your first.  All individuals will be given a cash award.  For their first year, winners receive $200 and those with two or more will receive $300.  All winners were placed in a random drawing for a $1500 gift card to the store of their choice.     This year's winner was:  John Maskil.  

Nine Years:  Neal Fankhauser, Steve Shawley  Eight Years:  Dru Rabe    Seven Years:  Rich Lemasters, Dan Mankey    Six Years:  Jeremy Holoka    Five Years:  Ralph Thomas    Four Years:  John Roach, Travis Vliet    Three Years:  John Burns, Les Siebert, Jeff Stire    Two Years:  Robert Black, Fran Bobcheck, Lloyd Duvall, John Fowler, Adam Sibert    First Year:  Seth Davis, Justin Donkers, Jonathan Maskil, John Maskil, Jordan Marsteller, Robert Rhodes, Eric Riley, Roy Tedrow, Cody Tharp.


Enjoy Retirement, Tommy!
Enjoy Retirement, Tommy!

Happy Retirement - Tommy Stire

Tom Stire, after 28 years running hoists with RG Johnson, decided to officially retire and enjoy his full time at home with his wife, Norma.  While I’m sure his son Jeff and relatives, Jerry, Bruce, Kenny, and Tyler, all either current or at one time RGJ employees, will have fun reminiscing about times at RGJ and his trip across the country, the rest of us will miss his joyful spirit at work.  While Tom was part time the last few years, throughout his career you would recognize him by his enthusiasm, great spirit and a positive work ethic.  If Tom was in your midst, you would know it by the jokes, laughter, and positive attitudes that would abound from him.  In the work place, he was dependable, never missed, and worked over when needed.  He was an excellent hoist operator who took his job seriously and made every effort to operate it safely and properly.  In fact to use a supervisor’s term, Tom would get pretty “wound up” if someone would give him the wrong bells or not do what they were supposed to do in a given situation.  Yet, Tom was not satisfied staying in the hoist house if he didn’t have to; he would jump out of his seat to offer a helping hand to anyone in need on top or even hook or unhook his own hook if you were not fast enough for him.  All in all, Tom was a reliable, enjoyable, jovial, honest, and truthful person who “never beat around the bush”.  He’s a person that we’re proud to be associated with here at RGJ and all of us wish him and his family all the best in retirement. 



Congratulations, Perry!
Congratulations, Perry!

Happy Retirement - Perry Moore

Perry Moore started with R G Johnson in July of 1977.  Starting out in the field as a driller…then supervisor…and then finally making his home in the carpenter shop!  There Perry was the mastermind to building ALL the job forms plus anything else that was needed from him.  He also built two amazing boats that were used for the Canonsburg Halloween Trail…one a Pirate Ship and the other Noah’s Ark.  Those boats are treasured by the kids that walk through them yearly on the trail and are always the hit of the event!  Right before his retirement, he commissioned his carpenter shop buddies into helping him build a Playhouse/Swing Set for a local young girl with disabilities so that she could have a place to play that was safe. Her mother could not express enough gratitude toward Perry and his crew.  But his job was NOT the most important thing is his life….it has always been his family!!! With six grandchildren…Perry is kept very busy!  Perry spent many hours attending his three granddaughter’s softball games…traveling far and wide to see them play! With two grandsons that wrestle and one that plays baseball…there is not much down time at the Moore household.  And his generosity does not stop there…he practically adopted his son Richie’s friend who grew up with his children as one of their own.  And lastly…there is no one more special than his wife Susan! Susan is one of the best…being by Perry’s side through thick and thin!

Here’s to a good life in retirement for the entire Moore family!   Cheers!


All the best, Keith!
All the best, Keith!

Happy Retirement - Keith Schumaker

How can we say enough about Keith?  Keith started with RG Johnson in 1966 at the National Mines Corp Isabella Shaft.  He has been a true and reliable employee for 47 years and he was very proud of being #1 on the seniority list.  He was one of the most dependable employees we have ever had.  He never missed work, no matter the weather (even with 2 wheel drive).  He was liked by everyone and cared about all of the guys, was strong as an ox and was not afraid to get off the hoist, help our where needed and get dirty.  He worked as a driller, rockloader and a night walker.  He also worked on many repair jobs but he worked as a hoist operator most of his career.  He was very skilled and cautious  on the hoist and he always worked safely.  He excelled at training new operators and was never shy about learning new hoists.  Keith also held his MSHA and WV Electrical Cards, had his Blaster and Foreman card in PA and OH.  He often helped with wiring during mobilization.

He and all of his “ideas” will be sorely missed on the job but we know that his family is thrilled to have him “full time”. This gentle giant remains very family oriented and is proud of all his children and grandchildren, including his grandson, Brian Metcalf, who is carrying on his legacy here at RG Johnson.  Keith – enjoy retired life!


In Recent News - Chemical Spill

If you have watched the news recently, it has been inundated with stories about the chemical spill in Charleston, WV.  An estimated 7500 gallons of a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) leaked into the Elk River.  This created a public health emergency and has ultimately preventing hundreds of thousands of West Virginia residents in the Charleston area from using their tap water for drinking, cooking, bathing or doing their laundry.  It is unknown how many people have been exposed at this point.

This chemical, MCHM, is used to treat coal to reduce the amount of ash.  It has been discovered that the facility storing the MCHM is required to have one permit, an industrial storm water permit.  Even worse, when trying to find toxic data on the chemical to determine how exposure will affect individuals, little information is available through the material safety data sheets.  This discovery has led to public outcry that facilities such as this are under regulated; that the EPA and WV DEP have not taken the appropriate measures to prevent this from happening.  Rest assured, added regulations will come of this incident. 

I, on the other hand, tend to have a very different outlook.  Do we really need a government regulation to prevent us from putting a potentially  harmful substance into the air, water or ground?  Of course we don’t.  Please don’t misconstrue the point I am trying to make.  I believe the government is a great resource to provide information on subjects that would require many hours and lots of funding to gain the appropriate knowledge.  They also provided us with the bare minimum that we’re required to do.  After all, that’s what a regulation is, a bare minimum.  We should always take the approach to go above and beyond.   Do what is right each and every time we’re faced with an issue.  Whether it is dealing with chemicals, or some other safety matter, the outcome is in your hands, not the governments.         Rob


A Special Thank You

Thank You – Thank You to all of you generous people who donated to the Breese Family.  Katie was overwhelmed with your generosity and was literally speechless.  She knows that she and Addison are part of a very large family and the RG Johnson family always takes care of its own.  Again, thank you all!


Start your slow cooker before you go to work and dinner is ready when you get home!  What could be better?
Start your slow cooker before you go to work and dinner is ready when you get home! What could be better?

Recipe Corner

Slow Cooker Lasagna with Creamy Tomato Sauce

Ingredients:  1/2 lb ground turkey  *  1/2 lb Italian sausage  *  1 tsp oregano  *  2 garlic gloves, chopped or crushed  *  1/2 jar pasta sauce (25oz)  *  1/2 jar alfredo sauce (25oz)  *  10 lasagna pasta noodles  *  1 (15 oz) tub cottage cheese   *  1 lb mushrooms  *  3 cups shredded mozzarella  *  2 cups Italian blend shredded cheese  *  1/4 cup water.


Brown ground turkey and sausage in a skillet, adding the garlic and oregano.  When the meat is browned, add pasta sauce. 

Using a 6-quart slow cooker, spoon some of the meat mixture into the bottom of your slow cooker, cover with a layer of uncooked lasagna noodles.  Smear some of the cottage cheese on the noodles, and add some mushroom, a handful of cheese.  Starting with the meat sauce, repeat the layers until your slow cooker if full.

Pour water over.  Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or on high for 3 to 4 hours. Check about an hour before serving, and push down the top noodles into the liquid.  When the cheeses are completely melted on the top and begun to brown on the edges, your meal is ready.




Zack McDonald and his wife, Emily welcomed a little girl, Lakynn, on October 31.  She was 7lb, 6oz and was 20 in long.  Congratulations!

 Layla Marie is the 9lb, 2oz new addition to the Kozlowski Family!  She was born on October 31.  Welcome to the family!


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