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The New Shop - A Work In Progress

As many of you are aware, R.G. Johnson is moving ahead with building our New Shop Facility in the Evergreen Technology Park located in Waynesburg.  After many months of planning, Nello Construction broke ground on the 7 plus acre site in April 2013 and is on track to have the facility completed by November of 2014.  The pre-engineered steel buildings will have over 32,000 sq. ft.  of shop area; 4,000 sq. ft. of office area and over 8,000 sq. ft. of covered storage area.  Other amenities will include a 15 ton overhead crane, locker room facilities, a truck wash area and a training area / break room.  In addition, the completion of the building will allow the underground, shaft and carpentry shop divisions all to be housed under the same roof, albeit in separate areas of the building.  A special thanks to everyone employed presently and in the past for making this project a reality for R.G. Johnson.


These lovely young ladies “blinged out” their  RG Johnson t-shirts.  What a great idea Olivia King and Katelyn Schooly
These lovely young ladies “blinged out” their RG Johnson t-shirts. What a great idea Olivia King and Katelyn Schooly

Kennywood 2013

If you didn’t come to the Annual RG  Johnson Kennywood day, you missed a great one!  We were blessed with a hot, sunny day that matched our bright sunny shirts!  Brave souls rode the Black Widow, the hungry devoured Potato Patch Fries for lunch and a delicious buffet for dinner and both little  and big kids kept the face painters and balloon artists busy.  Jonathan Maskil was the big winner of the day.  His name was entered into a drawing along with everyone else who pledged at least $50 to the American Cancer Society.  He won a 42 inch flat screen TV with lots of bells and whistles.  

It is always a great day when we can spend time and catch up with friends and family outside of work!


Personal Day: Clarification

As we all know, hourly employees get a total of 3 personal days without excuse and 5 additional with an excuse.  Again those are NOT on a calendar year, but based on when you utilize them.  Any day you take off from work that you are scheduled to be there is a personal day!  Those can include but are not limited to sick days, court appearances, car trouble and days that involve sick spouses or children.  In addition, if you come to work and DO NOT complete at least ½ of your scheduled shift, that day would also be counted as a personal day.  If you have questions about how many you have left or have taken, please call Amy at 724-222-6810 ext. 23.  PLEASE if you know you have something coming up,  use vacation time if at all possible.


Safety Concerns: Speak Up

Often, when confronted with a situation that requires one to speak out about an unsafe act or condition, people remain silent.  This could be for various reasons; from not wanting to slow down production, not recognizing a hazard, or willingly risking their safety to get the job done.  Of these excuses, I find the fact that people are still prepared to risk injury to complete the task at hand the most troubling.  Recently, this was illustrated with a situation that occurred involving four people plus a supervisor.  To me, it was immediately and blatantly obvious that an unsafe condition had been created.  To those involved, less so.  The situation was one that was readily adopted as safe practice in the past, but times have changed.  It is no longer accepted to just deal with the threat of injury.  When confronted, three of the four people involved questioned the safety of the practice, but didn’t speak up about it.  Something inside them told them to ignore their concerns about the situation.

Listen to that little voice in your head that questions the practices and procedures you implement every day.  Open the lines of communication to your crew, your supervisor and any other person involved that can shed light on the subject to keep the job sites safe.  Do not be afraid to speak up about safety concerns regardless of how petty they may seem to you.  It’s the only way to achieve zero accidents.

As always…Be safe. Think safe. Live safe.


A special thanks  Perry Moore,  Dan Mankey, Gary King, Ian Martin and Alva Ashley who all put their time and hard work into this worthwhile project!
A special thanks Perry Moore, Dan Mankey, Gary King, Ian Martin and Alva Ashley who all put their time and hard work into this worthwhile project!

Making A Difference

To the staff of the RG Johnson Company who assisted in the making of our little girl smile Thank you sounds so small. There are so many special people in the world and Johnsons has quite a few who are part of their family. I can only say I am a better person to know some of these men and women personally.  I am lucky to call some even friends.  R.G Johnson is one of very few companies that still care about their employees and communities they live in.  This is truly a rare thing to find in a company.  That is why this thank you seems so little. From the hard work, dedication and pure joy that went into the play house that now is one of my daughters favorite toys shows that true generous, caring, hard working men and women work with R.G. Johnson.  I assure you my young daughter will get years of enjoyment out of the swing-set playhouse your company help make a reality.  My daughter Kalee has a mild disability and the playhouse will allow her to play, imagine, share and have hours upon hours of fun.  She likes to take her doll in the playhouse and dress them up, put makeup on them and play school.  One of her favorite things to do is pretend she is Doc McStuffins (a doctor for toys) and take care of her toys.  Once again from my family to yours thank so much for your generosity, time and effort to help bring years of joy to my daughter.     The Piper Family



To the Enlow 4 North 1 crew for completing 6 pours and 1 water ring in 1 month and finishing ahead of mans hours!  Great Job!

 To Cumberland #10 Crew for a job well done!  After dealing with new hoist problems and training several new people, they still finished ahead of time and did a fantastic job.

 Jeff Snyder and his fiancée, Brittney welcomed Baby Kayden on June 20.  He was 7 lbs, 3 oz.

 Ron Rose and his wife, Dawn are proud parents of a baby boy.  Liam Michael Rose was born on July 29 and weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz.

 To Zach and Emily McDonald who tied the knot on June 1!  May they have many happy years together.

 To Max Vincenzo and Elliott Clark receiving their MSHA Electrician’s Certificate.


Pesto Tortelli Salad loaded with Fresh Summer Flavors
Pesto Tortelli Salad loaded with Fresh Summer Flavors

Pesto Tortellini Salad


 1 lb fresh tortellini (ex:Buitoni)

1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes in oil (drained and chopped)

1-2 ears of corn, boiled or grilled cut off the cob

1/2 cup pesto sauce

1/3 cup (approximately) balsamic vinaigrette.

Salt, to taste.


Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, cook tortellini according to package and drain immediately.  Place half of the pesto sauce in pot and place tortellini back into pot - add rest of pesto sauce and mix well until pasta is evenly coated.  Add in chopped sun dried tomatoes and corn (amounts are your preference). Pour over the balsamic vinaigrette (pasta will absorb liquid).  Season with salt to your own taste and refrigerate until ready to serve.

*Might want to bring to room temperature and add a bit more vinaigrette.



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