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Lucky Winner, John Roach, gets his $200 gas card from Jamie.
Lucky Winner, John Roach, gets his $200 gas card from Jamie.

2011 Annual Kennywood Picnic

If a good time was had by all at Kennywood, then Summer must truly be here! Monday, June 20 was our annual company picnic. After a little gloom in the morning, the sun came out and the threat of rain disappeared. Approximately 615 fun-loving RG Johnson employees and their families enjoyed thrilling rides, good food, balloon and tattoo art and great company. We brightened up the lively crowd with our newly redesigned "denim" blue shirts.

This year there was a special surprise following dinner. Ten lucky winners received $200 gas cards! The winners were; John Roach, Dave Evans, John Burns, Dave Jones, Dan Mankey, Scott Finch, Steve Dillow, Sam Delaney, Larry Drummond and Shawn Buckels. Congratulations to all you big winners!

A heartfelt thank you to all who helped make this day a big success and to those of you who came out and joined us. We hope you had a great time. See ya next year!

Milestones of Service

Please join us in congratulating the following valued RG Johnson employees who will be celebrating anniversaries April - June.

  • Art Helmick - 15 Years
  • Richard Lemasters - 5 Years
  • Dave Jones - 5 Years
  • Jordan Marsteller - 5 Years
  • Eric Taylor - 5 years
  • Cory Duffield - 5 Years
  • Dee Frazee - 5 Years
  • Kenny Stire - 5 Years
  • Lou Beringo - 5 Years

New Product Development

R. G. Johnson exhibited at the Longwall USA show this year to introduce the Dubaco Rock Dust Barrier System. We have partnered with Longwall Mining Services, Inc. to market this safety product in the United States.

Developed in South Africa, this simple and proven technology is used in coal mines around the world to create an explosion arresting barrier should a gas/coal dust ignition occur. The bag barrier consists of an array of specially made plastic bags holding 13 lbs. of rock dust that are burst by the pressure wave in front of the explosion and flame. This produces a dense cloud of inert dust which blankets the flame and stops further propagation of the explosion. The plastic bags are designed and tested to shred easily under explosion pressure to disperse the dust but strong enough to provide protection against moisture to prevent caking and allow easy installation. These barriers are intended to be supplemental to the normal rock dust standards in the mine.

The product was well received at the show. Time will tell if this technology is accepted in the US as it has elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone for making my job easier as many of our customers were quick to praise the quality work that everyone expects from our professional mine construction teams.
Looking for a little family fun this summer?
Looking for a little family fun this summer?

Idlewild and Soakzone Park

Where can you go that is close to home and spend the whole day riding exciting rides, eating junk food and riding the waves and swimming? Idlewild and SoakZone Park, of course! We can help you get there and make it affordable. We have Idlewild and SoakZone tickets that you can purchase for a reduced rate. Your special price for these tickets is $22.00 each. The gate price of tickets this year is $31.99. This is a savings of almost $10.00.

Children 2 and under are free. These tickets are good for any operating day during the 2011 Season. The season runs everyday through August 28. The park is also open September 3,4 and 5. To make it easy, we are happy to A.R.E these tickets for you. All you have to do is call Beth at the office and let her know how many tickets you would like. Go and dip your feet into the new Wowabunga Family Wave Pool and enjoy all new entertainment.

"The Way We’ve Always Done It"

It's a phrase that is muttered time after time to justify unsafe acts. It's a phrase that inhibits our ingenuity and keeps us from our true potential. Tradition is commendable, but complacency can lead to a downfall.

We are ushering in a new era in the mining industry - an era where a certain level of risk is no longer accepted as a requirement to do our jobs. In the new mining industry you are required to be a safety professional that just happens to mine coal or construct airshafts. Safety is to be the first thought when a task is assigned, and should take the forefront in the performance of that task. Accidents and injuries are no longer acceptable. We are responsible for our coworkers and preventing them from performing unsafe acts. Regulatory agencies are stepping up their enforcement, and our customers are demanding higher and higher levels of safety performance. We need to face the fact that times are changing. "The way we've always done it" is just a vehicle to resist this change.

Ask yourself if it's really for the worse. Is it so bad that we're asking you to perform your job without getting injured? Each one of us has commitments and obligations outside of work. Whether it is children, wives, girlfriends, parents or friends, somebody is counting on us to return home safely each day. Don’t let "the way we've always done it" prevent that from happening. No job is worth sacrificing your health, or your life for.

As Always . . .

New Training

  • Vinnie Kozlowski, Jr.
  • Eric Riley

  • Jared Berdine
  • Chuck Lawson
  • Steve Breese
  • Justin Lindsay
  • Aaron Finch
  • Luke Mason
  • Jim Foley
  • Zachary McDonald
  • John Gump
  • Chuck Sochor
  • Mike Hathaway
  • Kory Yocum

401k and Your Retirement

R G Johnson Company has one of the best retirement plans going. We are better than 90% of the plans out there. WHY??? Because we contribute 10% to your matter what. Some plans will match what you contribute. Not to mention that we yearly contribute another Profit Sharing amount based on our profits for the of late...that amount has been 5%. So all in all, over the past couple of years, you have had 15% of your income deposited into your 401k.

In order to make the most of our plan, you should be contributing as much as you can afford. That way, your money is growing and adding to the amount that R G Johnson Company contributes.

HOWEVER...this plan should not be used as a place to pull money from...UNLESS absolutely necessary! Why?? Because the plan is set up so that you pay no taxes on the money deferred to your account. If you pull money from the account BEFORE retirement... you WILL be taxed and PENALIZED. This totally defeats the purpose of the 401k...which is to put money away for retirement...TAX FREE.

A couple of suggestions before tapping into your 401k plan:

  • If buying a home is in your future, consider stopping your deferral and starting a savings account with that money until you save enough for a down payment.
  • College tuition: there are many places where you can get money for student loans a lot cheaper than what you will pay in taxes and penalties for premature distributions.
  • For medical the medical providers. Many times they will work out a payment plan for medical bills. Many with no added interest or penalties.

If you have any questions regarding your plan, give me a call at 724-222- 6570, ext. 10. Jamie

Personal Days!

We realize that everyone needs a personal day every now and again. Just a reminder as to how to use personal days at R. G. Johnson. You can always refer to your handbook, but let's just review some of the basics:

  1. Sick days and/or personal days are unpaid. You have a total of 10 in a rolling year calendar.
  2. If you are unable to come to work, you must give as much notice as possible.
  3. You only have 3 days that you can take per 365 day period WITHOUT an excuse. That means if you take your first day on July 1, second day on August 1 and third day on September 1, you cannot take another day without an excuse until the following July 1. (please call if you do not understand this policy)
  4. On all other days (7), you MUST turn in an excuse on your next day back to work. There is no reason for delay in this matter. Make sure you have it with you.
  5. New employees are NOT eligible for any personal days in the 90 day introductory period. That has been an issue recently.

If you have an appointment or need to have a day off, please try to use vacation time. Everyone with under 5 years has 80 hours and everyone over 5 years has 120 hours. If you don’t know how many you have, call Amy and she can tell you!

Please try to follow these policies. They are in place for a reason and we would like to continue to be flexible and not place additional requirements on personal days. If you have any questions, please call 724-222-6810 ext. 23.


Please join us in congratulating Tom and Norma Stire. They celebrated 41 years of wedded bliss on June 14th.

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