Electrician/Mechanic - Southwestern PA & Northern WV

Contact Email: info@rgjohnson.com

R.G. Johnson Company is looking for motivated and driven individuals to join our shaft sinking and Shop crews in a Mechanic/Electrician position. 
Duties and Responsibilities:
 A Mechanic’s primary responsibilities & work include:

·         Job Setup – Construction of outbuildings, preparation of equipment and materials, construction power distribution set up of feeder / branch circuits and all associated project wiring.

·         Equipment Maintenance – Performing preventative maintenance and troubleshooting / reactive maintenance on equipment that has experienced a fault and or operational deficiency. This work typically involves the following type of equipment and systems:

o   Hydraulic systems comprised of gear pumps, piston pumps, bent axis motors, electric and mechanical directional control valves and corresponding circuits.

o   Electric motors and all associated equipment up to 250hp.

o   Electric controls consisting of programmable logic controllers and associated sensors and I/O hardware.

o   Material and personnel rated mine construction winches that are coupled to 35-ton stiffleg derricks.

o   Earthmoving equipment such as: dozers, end loaders, excavators, and rock trucks.

o   Pneumatic equipment such as: radial piston air motors, vane motors, diesel and electric compressors, and percussion / rotary drilling hammers and breakers.

Job Requirements:
 Standard Requirements for Mechanic Position:

·         Ability to perform required physical labor

·         High School Diploma or GED

·         Passing Criminal Background Check (for ATF clearance related to blasting)

·         Passing Drug Test

Preferred Requirements for Mechanic Position:

·         32 or 40 hour MSHA New Miner Training completion* *This training is required for the position. If applicant has not participated in the required training, R.G. Johnson will help to accommodate the training prior to employment.

·         Experience with the aforementioned equipment and systems described in the primary responsibilities.

·         Experience working on a crew/team in construction industry.

·         Completion of technical school or program.

·         Ability to read and comprehend electrical and hydraulic schematics including ladder logic.

·         Proficiency with Allen Bradley or other equivalent software related to programming and or maintenance of PLC controlled equipment.

·         Ability to effectively use field laptops and compile reports associated with maintenance activities

·         Commercial drivers’ license.

·         Welding and fabrication skills.

Submission Guidelines: